LMMT first started as an overly complicated Google spreadsheet named "Lukes Money Management Tool", to help me manage and understand my personal finances but it become a bit out of control with crazy formulas and ugly design. So the developer in me had to build it as a website, and so the LMMT web app was born!


I needed somewhere to record my monthly outgoings and expected income, to then work out how much I can safely save each month while still enjoying myself. It then grew as I started to learn different places to save and earn money, (ISAs, Premium Bonds, Stocks and Crypto) and a need of knowing where that money was stored and how much. Adding the ability to track our house value, mortgage and pensions was an added bonus of building it as a website.

Why make it public? The idea is to help people understand their financial position. We all have a bit of money anxiety and want to grow savings for a house, holiday, car, clothes, pretty much anything and in today's world it's made very difficult. But I believe having a full overview of your money and assets puts us in a better position mentally and financially.