Where does my tax go?

Find out where your tax money goes, this gives you a basic outline of where your tax goes UK.

Salary Amount



Est. tax amount







Social protection is comprised of various benefits provided to households to help with their needs.



Health covers medical services, medical research and "other health services".

State Pensions


State Pension is a regular payment from the government most people can claim when they reach State Pension age.



Education funding covers pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher. Much more included such as eduction not definable by level.

National Debt Interest


Paying off National Debt Interest



Defence covers Military defence, Civil defence and Foreign military aid



Transport funding improves national and local transport link such as roads and railway.

Public Order & Safety


Public order and safety includes the criminal justice system, immigration and citizenship functions and the fire services.

Business & Industry


General economic, commercial and labour affairs, Agriculture, forestry, fishing, other agriculture, Fuel, energy, Mining, manufacturing and construction.

Government Administration


Executive and legislative organs, financial and fiscal affairs, external affairs, Foreign economic aid, R&D general public services and more.

Housing and utilities


Housing development, Community development, Water supply, Street lighting and R&D housing and community amenities.



Recreational and sporting services, Cultural services, Broadcasting and publishing services, Religious and other community services and R&D recreation



Waste management, Waste water management, Pollution abatement, Protection of biodiversity and landscape, R&D environment protection and Environment protection

Overseas Aid


Overseas Aid and Foreign economic aid

UK Contributions to EU budget


EU Transactions, EU receipts, Attributed aid and Common Foreign and Security Policy

The data used for this calculator can be found: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-public-spending-was-calculated-in-your-tax-summary/how-public-spending-was-calculated-in-your-tax-summary