LMMT offers a heap of features to help you understand your money and watch it grow.


With LMMT you can track your salary as it grows over time and manage any extra bonuses or overtime. Nowadays more and more people look to earn money from more than one source, so if you have any side hustles you can now track your earning and add the value to your overall income, giving you the closest to a true understanding of your income possible.


Keep an eye on your monthly costs by using our outgoings manager. It's pretty simple, record your monthly costs from bills to entertainment, then you'll get an overview of what categories you're spending the most on.


We all aim to grow our savings, but it's easier said than done. Once we have an understanding of your income and outgoings from above, we'll recommend the amount of money you should aim to save each month. We believe in enjoying your money while saving, so our algorithm will figure out a manageable amount to save each month. Manage your savings where ever you keep them stored.


Our salary manager allows you to see how much tax & national insurance gets deducted from your salary, so you can fully understand your income. We also have a salary tracker, so you can see your growth and change over time.


Own property or properties? Souly or joint, not a problem. Add property to your LMMT to keep track of its value and the amount of money you have invested in it. We're one of the first sites to ever offer this along with all our other features!


We're one of the first to offer you a view of all your investments, from stocks and crypto to property and pensions. Your investment values automatically update to give you a true understanding of your financial position and net worth.

Net Worth

Net worth is normally associated with famous and wealthy business people, but we all have a net worth and understanding it can help us improve our financial position. Watch your net worth grow with the help of LMMT, and our useful tools.