Fresh New Look

We've changed our look! As part of our constant drive of providing an ever-improving product to our users, we've updated the design of our whole site!

Why Change?

The original design was part of the MVP (Minimal Viable Product), an early release of the website with all the important features to test the concept of the website. The "marketing site" (website before you log in) and overall design of the site was ever the important part of the first release, I wanted to concentrate on making sure the main web app worked, in providing people with a better understanding of their financial position and solution to help hit savings goals.

The new design of the "marketing site" provides new users with a better understanding of the product and is much nicer on the eye. The web app (after you log in) has had an update to include the new colour scheme, but the layout has stayed the same other than user experience improvements. Take a look around and let us know your thoughts!