Track Your Property Value On LMMT

We're super excited to announce the property value update!

Since our first release you've been able to store any property you own or part own, and with that track the mortgage related to it. But there was one thing missing... properties are like investments, the value is always changing.

Our aim is to give the people a true overview of their money and ways to increase their savings and overall financial worth. As part of that we're excited to announce an update that tracks the value of your property (Premium users only).

How does it work

You'll now notice a new field when editing or adding a property, and that "Local authority" also known as local council. This helps us give you a better idea of you property, as different parts of the UK grow and shrink at different times and speeds.

Equipped with our new information we use ONS data to help figure the change of your properties value. We'll then update your net worth with the new funds.