Manage your money like a pro

LMMT provides a simple yet in-depth money management tool that works with you to help grow your savings and improve your spending.

Whose LMMT For?

LMMT is a modern financial & investment management tool for the average person, and will support you as you grow your net worth.

We’re not a budgeting tool or a simple stock tracker, we give you the entire view of your finances, investments and assets. We believe this is the best way to grow your savings and overall wealth. The goal is to allow you to enjoy your money, but also save for short term and long term goals.

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How LMMT Supports You

Grow your net worth

Calculate your net worth to get a true understanding of your financial position. Watch your net worth grow with the help of LMMT, and our useful tools.

View all your assets

We're the first to offer you a view of all your assets, from stocks and crypto to property and pensions. Your assets value automatically update to give you a true understanding of your financial position.

Understand your outgoings

Record your monthly outgoings, to start understanding where your money goes and finding ways of ironing out unnecessary costs.

Have a true overview

Never before has the average person been able to have a true overview of their finances, assets, investments, pensions and more.

Your pension in one view

Nowadays we have pensions in different pots or with companies, its the way of modern life. But do you know how much you actually have? Now you can track all pots.

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